About Me:
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specialized in working with Adolescent Girls and Women. Being a Social Worker means that I believe that people are best understood in relation to their environment and that all people are capable of change. I place high value on providing professional, ethical and informed counseling services. I am dedicated to offering woman-centered interventions intended to support, uplift and empower. In general, my practice is designed to help adolescent girls and women generate their highest state of well-being.

My Philosophy:
I believe that the therapeutic relationship is the most important tool in assisting others to create lasting change. I also believe that our strengths hold much wisdom and can act as a blue-print for understanding adversity and challenges. I feel that the creative process is a powerful tool and I often encourage integration of creativity into the therapeutic process (journal, art, story,music, photo).

My Counseling Approach:
I believe that every woman is the expert on her own life and, ultimately, the author of her own story.I place high value on maintaining a safe environment and offering opportunity for a truly collaborative counseling experience. I also place great importance on honoring every woman’s individual style of learning and unique process of change. My counseling style tends to be warm and nurturing, yet direct. My counseling techniques are informed and supported by theory as well as best practice guidelines.

Informed Counseling Services:
I typically utilize the following counseling theory and practices:
• Multifamily Systems Theory: How were we raised? How do we relate to our family?
• Trauma-Informed Services: What has happened to us? How does it affect our lives?
• Narrative Theory: What stories do we tell about our lives? Can we change our story?
• Cognitive Behavioral Theory: How are we thinking, feeling and behaving?
• Dialectical Behavioral Theory: How are we coping?
• Feminist Theory: How do we, as women, fit into culture/community/society?

Bachelors of Science:Oregon State University (Focus: Women Studies & Psychology)
Masters of Social Work:Portland State University (Focus: Direct Practice & Child Welfare)

In addition to my private practice, I have served individuals and families in the following facilities & agencies: Marion County Juvenile Department, Northwest Human Services, Oregon Youth Authority, Marion County Adult Behavioral Health and Samaritan Health Services: Hematology & Oncology and Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center.

My Clinical Social Work License Number is L5325. This can be verified by contacting the Oregon State Board of Licensed Clinical Social Workers at 1.866.355.7050.

Professional Organizations:
National Association of Social Workers