If you are here to print forms it means we have scheduled our first appointment. Congratulations on supporting your well-being. I truly look forward to working with you!  

What's Next?
Please print and complete the appropriate forms for your circumstance and bring with you to our first appointment. I will also need to make a copy of your insurance card, so it is helpful if you can bring that to the first session as well. Thank you! Click below on the form you wish to download:      

         Adult Forms   |  Adolescent Forms
          Adult Intake   Adolescent Intake
 Agreements & Informed Consent  |  Agreements & Informed Consent
Health Insurance   |  Health Insurance
       Statement of Client Rights  |  Informed Consent Adolescent
                                            Privacy & Safety Policy

Question: Which forms do I complete?
Answer: Adults can complete all forms under the adult section above. Parents can complete all forms under the adolescent section above. The Client Rights and Privacy Practices documents are for you and do not need to be printed or returned to me.

Question: Why do I need to fill these forms out ahead of time?
Answer: It helps me get to know you or your child and also allows us to use our time together more efficiently. Also, the Health Insurance form helps guide the billing process.

Question: Do I still need to fill out forms if I am not using insurance?
Answer: You do not need to fill out a Health Insurance form, but you will need to complete all other forms, as I am required to keep record of you as a client.

Question: Does my teen need to complete any forms before coming in?
Answer: Yes. Please have your teen read and sign the Adolescent Informed Consent Form. You will also sign this form. The Adolescent Intake Form is for adults to complete. Your teen and I will complete the remainder of the intake process together.

Please feel free to call me if you have questions!